Schenk Homestead Farm

Schenk Homestead Farm is a diversified market farm focusing on growing vegetables with no herbicides, no pesticides, and no chemical inputs. You can find our produce at various locations in Naples, including Joseph’s Wayside Market and Caruso’s Cafe. We attend the Brighton Farmers Market on Sundays from 9am to 1pm from April through December.

From seed to market, our family farm grows food to nourish you and your loved ones. At market and around the farm, you’ll find Amanda and Jeremiah as well as our sons Beau and Otto and our daughter June. Our dogs, Remi, Siggi, Sitka, and Scotia frequently join us in the field and the pastures with our beloved cows, pigs, goats, and many poultry.

Amanda M. Schenk Grisa
Co-Owner, Farmer
Amanda’s family has been on again off again farming for the last 5 generations in the Naples Hills of the Finger Lakes. Today she incorporates her knowledge of agriculture with her scientific background in environmental science, biology, and forestry. Amanda’s formal background is backed by a B.S in Biology, M.S in Sustainable Forest Management and years of professional experience in natural resource management and agricultural research. These diverse experiences have helped, to develop a dynamic understanding in designing an ecologically based farm. Her passion though, could not be complete without sharing these experiences with her beloved Naples community.

Jeremiah Grisa
Co-Owner, Farmer
Since childhood Jeremiah has had a passion for health and sustainable living. These values were established as he learned to cook from scratch in the kitchen with his mom, a culinary teacher, and his dad, an avid outdoors-man. In pursuing his studies in health sciences, he soon discovered he could make his greatest impact keeping others healthy by improving the food we eat. He is formally educated with a B.S. in Biology and and M.A.T. in secondary science education. Today he uses these vast experiences to educate others and share holistically healthy foods.

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